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Attn: Dads, Father School Has Spread Across the World

A classroom for dads who want to upskill in fatherhood? Yes, as Shuai Zheng explains t his Bible-based course.

Listen: Shuai Zheng tells Ben McEachen about Father School that's available in Sydney

By Ben McEachenMonday 2 May 2022Hope MorningsParentingReading Time: 1 minute

Father School is a real thing that I had no idea about until Shuai Zheng shared his story.

We were having a chat after church and Shuai told me how he had been to Father School.

Moving beyond my initial “what are you talking about?” response, Shuai explained how Father School was started by a big church network in Seoul, South Korea.

As Shuai went on to share on Hope Mornings, Father School aimed to educate dads about how to love and serve their families according to God’s wisdom and guidance.

Father School has spread across the world and Shuai attended the first Father School in Sydney. Since then, he’s also helped lead other dads in their Father School education.

Listen to the full interview with Shuai Zheng in the player above.

Contact Sydney Father School on Facebook to find out more.

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