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Christianity Explained – Who Was Jesus?

The Christianity Explained interview series with Michael Bennett is an Open House exclusive.

You’re about to join the thousands of people around the world who have taken part in a course called Christianity Explained.

Created by author and pastor Michael Bennett, the course is a 6-part exploration of the life and message of Jesus.

Whether you’ve been interested in the man, but never had time to read up on him, or been a follower of Jesus for years, there is something in this series that is going to be a discovery, or a refresher for you.

So set aside some time and have your copy of the New Testament handy as Michael Bennett bursts people’s second-hand models of Jesus, and make up your own mind over this 7-part audio series.

Visit Michael’s website Christianity Explained.

Christianity Explained Audio Series

Part 1 – What it means to be a Christian
Michael Bennett explains what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian.


Part 2 – Who is Jesus and why is He important?
If you want to know what God is like, Jesus is God in terms that we can understand.
In Part 2, Pastor Michael Bennett talks about Jesus’ miracles and what they say about Him.


Part 3 – Jesus’ death and what it means for us
Crosses, steeples, services, masses-there are many symbols attached to Christianity.
But when you take all of that away, what is the Christian faith really about? The crux of Christianity is that Jesus died for our sins.
In Part 3, Michael Bennett explores whether Jesus really died on the Cross, why He did, and what that means for us.


Part 4 – Resurrection
Continuing our 7-part audio series exploring the life and message of Jesus, Part 4 covers the Resurrection and asks whether Jesus really did rise from the dead, why the Resurrection is so important and the decision that leaves us with.

Part 5 – What’s so amazing about grace?
If you were to die tonight and stand before God and have Him ask you why He should let you into His heaven, what would you say? In Part 5 Michael Bennett talks about our ‘brownie-point syndrome’ when it comes to doing good works and the free gift of God’s grace, which enables us to live a life of love.


Part 6 – Repentance
The Bible tells us that ‘today is the day of salvation’. In Part 6 Michael Bennett explains what it takes to become a follower of Jesus, the meaning and importance of repentance and encourages us to hand our lives over by joining him in a prayer.


Part 7 – What comes next
Michael Bennett concludes our 7-part series of Christianity Explained. So now that you’re a Christian, what happens next?
Part 7 provides tips on what to look for when finding a church and the concept of baptism.

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