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A community of hope builders who positively impact thousands of lives every day. They are courageous, generous, passionate and willing to stand with people they may never meet and be the hope they need in that moment. They are change agents and culture shapers who are building real hope in a broken world.
With you in this community, we can do so much more.

Community + Passion = Hope + Impact

The opportunity to impact someone’s life forever doesn’t happen very often. As a Hope Builder, you are impacting hundreds of thousands of lives every single day with a message that turns lives upside down.

Through traditional and new technology, and the ever-increasing connectedness of the world, we have the opportunity to share a message of hope, love and value to the people of Sydney and beyond.

The opportunity to start the right conversation, to shape the culture, and to deeply transform communities. You have the opportunity to bring and to build a message of hope that will last for generations to come.

Will you join us?

Why does Hope 103.2 fundraise?

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