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Your Family Can Be Happier In 21 Days Says Expert

Something's wrong if you go to the beach & can't see a single parent smiling. It's what inspired Dr Justin Coulson's new book, '21 Days To A Happier Family'.

By Clare BruceFriday 19 Feb 2016Hope MorningsParentingReading Time: 1 minute

If you go to the beach and struggle to find a single parent who’s smiling, you know that society’s got a problem.

That was the experience of parenting and families researcher and author, Dr Justin Coulson, and it’s what inspired his new book, 21 Days To A Happier Family. 

“I noticed when I’m walking around the shopping centre or the park or the beach or just walking down the street, and I see parents with their kids, they’re never smiling,” Dr Coulson told Hope 103.2’s Emma Mullings. “Parents look stressed all the time when they’re with their children. I’m seeing it more and more and more.

“Family life seems to be becoming more stressful, not less. And mums and dads are challenged and are struggling so very much.

“So I thought “what if we could actually make families happier?” ”

Helping families to function more harmoniously, and become happier, has been the topic of Dr Coulson’s PhD and the last 15 years of his academic life. But he’s also aware that busy mums and dads aren’t likely to enrol themselves in long-winded self-help programs—so his book aims to give solutions with a fast turnaround.

“So I wrote 21 Days To A Happier Family to help mums and dads do simple things, to make their families happier, fast,” he said.

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The book is available on Dr Justin Coulson’s website, and in all major bookstores.

21 Days To A Happier Family - Dr Justin Coulson