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The Letterbox Project: Connecting Isolated Australians Through Old-Fashioned Letters

By Georgia FreeWednesday 17 Jun 2020

Listen: Georgia Free chats to The Letterbox Project founder Mea Campbell

There’s something so special about writing a letter to someone, or, perhaps even better, receiving a letter.

They are the next best thing to a conversation, and, when conversations can’t be had, the power of letters can increase tenfold. 

The Letterbox Project is a letter writing initiative that aims to bring meaningful connection to older and isolated Australians, who may be isolated from their usual social circles during isolation due to pandemic restrictions.

When developing the project, founder Mea Campbell was particularly inspired by the memory of her late grandfather.

“He was 95 when he passed away, and he lived alone. He would have found this experience awfully challenging,” Mea told weekends announcer Georgia Free. “There are so many people in similar situations, and I wanted to help them.”

In the six weeks since the project’s inception, 5000 people across the nation have registered to write or receive letters, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Mea reflected on one call she received from a lady with Parkinson’s disease, who had recently received a letter from a young girl.

“She couldn’t write back,” said Mea, “but she wanted to pass on her thanks. She said ‘tell the little girl that I’ll keep her picture forever.’”

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To register for the Letterbox Project, either as a writer or recipient, head to or call 1300 26 82 28.

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