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Where is Your Nearest Democracy Sausage Polling Booth? Find Out Here

It’s time to fire up the barbecue and set up the cake stall, with the Australian Federal Election this Saturday 21 May 2022.

By Ally BarnesTuesday 17 May 2022Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 1 minute

Democracysausage.org is a crowd-sourced website where people submit all the sausage sizzles and stalls happening at polling booths on Election Day.

It’s a fun idea, supporting local communities, and also encourages people to take their vote seriously.

Annette Tyler from the Democracy Sausage website shared on Hope Breakfast how you can snag a snag on the day.

Democracy sausage site

If you’re planning an Election Day fundraiser, you can submit the details beforehand at democracysausage.org.

Hungry voters can help the Democracy Sausage team crowdsource data on the day by getting in touch via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to report both sizzling and sausage-less sites.

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Australian Election 2022 Resources

Hope 103.2 is an apolitical organisation. We hope these resources can help support the other information you come across as you make your decision for the Federal Election, which will be held on Saturday 21 May, 2022.

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