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Australian Election 2022

Hope 103.2 is an apolitical organisation. We hope these resources can help support the other information you come across as you make your decision for the Federal Election, which will be held on Saturday 21 May, 2022.

ABC’s Vote Compass

“Vote Compass is a tool developed by political scientists to help you explore how your views align with the major parties”


How to Vote if You Have COVID

“Telephone voting is available only for people who test positive to COVID-19 after 6pm local time Tuesday 17 May 2022.”


Recent articles

Your Guide to Election 2022: Major Parties’ Policies

Still on the fence? Hope 103.2 gives you a quick rundown of some of the pledges and promises of the major two parties. Read more

Australian elections, voting or polling booth for Federal and State/Territory government elections

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Where is Your Nearest Democracy Sausage Polling Booth? Find Out Here

Find your nearest polling booth that will also be hosting a sausage sizzle and stall while you vote, this Election Day. Read more

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Would You Like More Pet-Friendly Polling Booths?

The idea of pet-friendly polling booths is already popular in the UK, and Australia could benefit from adopting the set up, too. Read more

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Tim Costello: Love Your Global Neighbour When You Vote

The prominent Australian Christian leader explains how to weigh up international aid and immigration issues through the lens of Jesus. Read more

Tim Costello

Hope 103.2 Interviews

Join Hope Mornings announcer and journalist Ben McEachen and Hope Drive’s Georgia Free as they welcome a variety of guests in the lead up to Election 2022.

Voting 101

Australian Electoral Commission’s Evan Ekin-Smyth discussed what preferential voting is, what to do when you get to the polling booth and how to vote if you fall unexpectedly ill on the day.

Make Your Vote Count

Rebecca Main is NSW’s CEO and State Manager of Australian Electoral Commission. She explained bout how to fill out the two ballot forms and make your vote count in Federal Election 2022.

“What Happens To My Vote?”

Australian Electoral Commission CEO/State Manager for NSW, Rebecca Main, explained the process of tallying our votes once they have been cast.

Environment and Climate and My Vote

Emma Wyndham Chalmers is Tearfund’s Advocacy Strategy and Project Manager. She discussed the intersection of Christian faith with the environment.

Loving Your Neighbour With Your Vote

Common Grace’s Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator Jane Kelly discussed how Christians can use their vote for others.

Cost of Living and Election voting

UTS economics lecturer, former Reserve Bank of Australia economist and author of Western Fundamentalism Gordon Menzies.

Caring About Healthcare in Federal Election

Paediatrician for more than 40 years, Kim Oates is Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics at University of Sydney.

“People, Not Parties”

Australian Christian Lobby’s National Director of Politics Wendy Francis talked how we can make the most of our vote at Federal Election 2022.

Early Voting Explained

The history, culture shift and influence of pre-poll voting explained by election analyst Ben Raue from The Tallyroom.

HammondCare – Aged Care & Election

What’s been promised by the major parties? And how we can better support those working and living in aged care.

Why Don’t We Care About Politics Anymore? – Christian psychologist, Valerie Ling

Explains why we are finding it so hard to engage in politics, how to stay informed through burnout and how to start caring about current events again.

Preferential Voting Explained – Rebecca Main from Australian Electoral Commission

Australian Electoral Commission CEO/State Manager for NSW, Rebecca Main, explained the preferential voting system.

From the Archives

Religion and Politics: Is a Relationship Between the Two All Bad?

Greg Sheridan AO is an Australian journalist who has been immersed in the world of power, politics and faith for over 40 years. Read more

Scott Morrison, Greg Sheridan, Dominic Perrottet

Source: Wikipedia / The Catholic Weekly / NSW Liberal Party

How In God’s Name Should I Vote? Podcast

Interviews with key influencers from all sides of politics, which were conducted in the lead up to the 2019 Federal Election, that explored compelling questions helpful for Christians to consider. Listen at or wherever you get your podcasts. Guests included John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and former leader of the National Party, Brooke Prentis, spokesperson of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Team for Common Grace, Peter Martin, former economics editor of The Age newspaper, and many more, covering questions such as “Shouldn’t I just vote for the Christian guy?”, “How do we maintain civility in our conversations, especially online?”, and “After the election, how do I stay engaged?”. All episodes

How in God's Name Should I Vote? Episode 1 | Faith and politics, can we really make a difference?

The Gift Of Wisdom — A LifeWords Devotion

Solomon realises he has a big job to do after becoming king of Israel after David his father. He asks for wisdom to do it. Read more

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More resources will be added as they become available.