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Meet Nhung; the Bright Little Girl You’ll be Helping on Miracles Day

With the nearest large town five hours away, it’s impossible for Nhung’s family to get her medical help—let alone afford it. She's why Miracles Day matters.

By Hope 103.2Friday 3 Aug 2018Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Hidden amongst dense bushland in rural Vietnam, there’s a little wooden hut with dirt floors and a tin roof, where a little girl called Nhung lives.

She’s a bright, bubbly child with a big brother and sister, parents and grandparents, all living under the same small roof. They survive by subsistence farming. It feeds the family, but doesn’t pay for much else.

Nhung excels at school, loves to sing, and has dreams for the future—but already, her eyesight is failing.

Nhung in Vietnam is receiving help for her eyesight from CBM

With the nearest major town a five-hour drive away, passing over rivers and through tiny villages where animals and kids own the roads, it’s impossible for a poor rural family like Nhung’s to even get her to medical help—let alone afford it.

The stress on her parent’s faces is visible; her mother wipes away tears as she talks about her fears for her little girl’s future.

Little Nhung in Vietnam is receiving help for her eyesight from CBM

It’s people like Nhung who CBM exists for. Thanks to the charity’s work in rural Vietnam, Nhung has been connected up with expert medical help, paid for by supporters in Australia.

She is one of the lucky ones; her eyesight will be restored.

Help Give Sight Back On Miracles Day

On “Miracles Day”, Thursday August 16, Australians will have a chance to change the lives of thousands of people like Nhung: people who live in poverty and would have no other way of regaining their eyesight.

This year CBM is aiming to reach 35,000 people in the world’s poorest countries with sight-saving eye operations to remove cataracts that cause many cases of blindness.

Just $33 will cover the cost of each operation.

On average, cataract operations take just 12 minutes but can change a person’s life, enabling them to see their family, get back out into their community, succeed at school, and gain employment.

To support, call 131 226 or head to