Get Set for a Very Special Brekky Broadcast from Sam & Duncan in Vietnam – Hope 103.2

Get Set for a Very Special Brekky Broadcast from Sam & Duncan in Vietnam

By Hope 103.2Friday 10 Aug 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

While we’re supporting our farmers and other causes in our own nation, the need is still very great for those living in poverty in developing nations.

That’s why CBM – the international charity for people living in poverty with a disability – have sent Sam and Duncan to Vietnam, where they’ll be presenting the Breakfast show all next week leading up to Miracles Day on Thursday August 16.

Miracles Day is CBM’s annual opportunity for Australians to lift someone out of deep poverty, by giving a simple, affordable cataract surgery that will restore sight—for only $33.

From Monday to Thursday you’ll hear Sam and Duncan interviewing some very special people – CBM workers, surgeons, and rural villagers who have been living in darkness due to cataract blindness. The 12-minute surgeries they will undergo will change their lives forever, enabling them to not only see their loved ones again, but also attend school, gain employment, and escape poverty.

This year CBM is aiming to reach 35,000 people in the world’s poorest countries with these sight-saving eye operations. To support, call 131 226 or head to

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