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On Being a Son and a Father: A Chat with Duncan Robinson

Stephen O'Doherty and Duncan Robinson share what it is to know the love of a great dad and try to be a great dad for your own children.

By Stephen O'DohertySunday 3 Sep 2017Open House InterviewsRelationshipsReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: Duncan Robinson in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Fathers Day is a day of mixed emotion.  A day to celebrate, an excuse for a get together (as if we should need one), a day to laugh and talk about good times.

Memories of strong hands and safe arms. The smartest man we knew, who could fix anything and make all things right.

Footie in the back yard, romping in the surf, stories at bed time.

In truth, for many it is also a bitter sweet day. The remembered pain of loss. Regrets. Longing for things that might have been, never were, or won’t be again. It can also be an empty day of anguish or anger.

Duncan Robinson and I have been colleagues at Hope 1032 for a few months now. We’re developing a nice friendship that I value.

We share some things in common – an interest in the state of the world and a desire to live well as Christ followers.

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He likes getting up early. Go figure.

We very much want to be good husbands and fathers. And we want to be good sons, both of our earthly fathers and our father in heaven.

I’m a little further along life’s journey than Duncan, but we both lost our Dads at a similar age and stage.

For Father’s Day 2017 we spent some time together talking about what it is to be sons who are fathers, and fathers who are sons.