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Your Guide to the Ultimate Cheese Toastie

We turned to the Hope Drive audience to find the answer to what makes the ultimate cheese toastie? Here's what you said!

By Georgia FreeTuesday 12 Jul 2022Hope DriveLifeReading Time: 2 minutes

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a decadent cheese toastie that warms you up from the inside out. But how do you get that next level cheese toastie? We’ve compiled tips from listeners to create The Guide to the Ultimate Cheese Toastie.

Butter. Lots of butter.

Lots of butter on the outside. – Rebecca

Butter on the side of the bread that gets toasted. Crisps up nicely and tastes amazing! – Reeba

Garlic butter on the bread. Em

Butter on the outside (and edges). – Donna

Lots of butter and a flat non-stick hot plate. Elissa

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Pan fry with lots of butter on both sides of the bread. Do not put in sandwich press. – Lisa

Butter and pepper on the outside! Ashley

The type of cheese matters

At least two kinds of cheese. Glen

Grate the cheese yourself! – Sylvia

Use pizza cheese. Lillian

Stretchy cheese is necessary! – Lynne

Cracker Barrel tasty cheese. Robyn

Camembert. – David

Three cheeses – one of them creamy and one tasty with thin parmesan cheese slices added just before toasting is complete. Lisabeth

Three cheeses. Tasty, mozzarella and “plastic” cheese. – Sarah

2x slices of Bega cheese. Clinton

Extra sharp cheddar cheese. – Al

Crusts = crunch

Sprinkling shredded parmesan cheese on the outside of it, after you’ve buttered it and before toasting it! It adds a fantastic crust. Michelle

Put it in the air fryer for the best crisp. – Hiba

A little bit of spice (or condiments) never hurts

Spread garlic and herb Philly on one slice and Dijon mustard on the other and a little bit of black pepper on the cheese. – Koss

Some freshly and finely chopped chilli (red or green, doesn’t matter). David

Chives on the inside with the cheese. – Nic

Paprika. Thomas

Once toasted a little sprinkle of salt or sprinkle some Worcestershire sauce on the bread before cheese then toast. – Donna

Garlic aioli on one of the inside surfaces. Renee

Chutney. – Bev

Cranberry sauce goes well with cheese toasties! Deirdree

Add some basil and oregano! – Crystal

Mayonnaise under the cheese. David

Choose your own adventure with these extras

Add ham and pineapple too. Taline

Add ham and tomato. – Mick

A good slice or two of tomato in the middle with a dash of pepper. Louise

If you want to add tomato, dice it up so it doesn’t come out as a whole slice and drop on your chin! – Katie

Adding some caramelised onion is really yummy. Cath

Add some baked beans! – Anne

Add leek! Marley

And some final tips for the finishing touches!

Letting it rest… just long enough so that you don’t burn your mouth on the first bite of glorious molten cheese. Donna

Getting someone to make it for you! – June

Listen to Dianne and Adam’s recipes for the ultimate cheese toastie in the player above.