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The “Single Life” Series

In this interview series Sheridan Voysey explores doing singleness well, dating, single parenting, singleness in the church, divorce, and even celibacy. 

By Clare BruceThursday 24 Oct 2019Open House InterviewsLifeReading Time: 2 minutes

In this interview series, former Open House host Sheridan Voysey explores issues like doing singleness well, dating, single parenting, finding a spouse, singleness in the church, divorce, and even celibacy. Already happily paired up? Don’t go away! There’s plenty you’ll learn too, to be a better friend to singles in your world.

Part 1: Being a Contented Single

young man with pet dog Sheridan Voysey chats with pastor and singleness writer Sandra Cavallo. She gives great insights into how to live your season of singleness well. See Episode

Part 2: When You’re Single Again 

Senior woman drinking coffee and looking out of window
Sheridan Voysey chats to relationship counsellor Anne Hollonds about advice for those who’ve lost a partner through separation, divorce, or even death. See Episode

Part 3: Rethinking Celibacy 

Young man sitting in cafe
Christine Colon, author of Singled Out, says celibacy is not about missing out, or waiting around for marriage, but a chance to embrace God more fully. See Episode

Part 4: Single Parenting 

Mother and son embracing
Family therapist Deb Sorenson from Focus on the Family chats about the practical and social complexities single parents face – and how to tackle them. See Episode

Part 5: Sexual Purity, and Why it Matters 

Young woman sitting by a beach at sunset in winter
Is sexual purity – or abstaining from sex outside marriage – necessary? And why? Sheridan Voysey talks to Dr Allan Meyer, founder of the ‘Valiant Man’ course. See Episode 

Part 6: What To Do with Unrequited Love 

Young woman drinking coffee in cafe.
It’s an almost universal human experience: loving someone who won’t love you back. Laura Smit chats about why it happens, what to do, and where God fits in. See Episode 

Part 7: How to Marry Well 

Wistful Chinese woman looking through the window
Singles authors Steve and Candice Watters share some great advice in this chat with Sheridan Voysey, on what you can do if you hope to one day be married. See Episode