Youtube Pop Sensations Jayesslee's Acoustic Cover of 'This is Me' - Live in the Hope Studios – Hope 103.2

Youtube Pop Sensations Jayesslee’s Acoustic Cover of ‘This is Me’ – Live in the Hope Studios

By Clare BruceMonday 26 Aug 2019Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

It was on that unforgettable night when Sam and Duncan performed with Dami Im (yes really), that the Hope Breakfast duo got a chance to meet the Youtube pop queens, Jayesslee.

It’s been nine years now since twins Janice and Sonia’s cover of Officially Missing You (23 million views to date) shot them to internet stardom. Fast forward to 2019, and the pair now have over 2 million Youtube followers and more than 328 million views on their combined video uploads.

Sam and Duncan thought it was high time we had them in the studio to do what they do best. Their acoustic cover of The Greatest Showman 🎩 hit This is Me was flawless. Enjoy!

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