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Marriage Week: Resources to Help You Build a Stronger Marriage

This Marriage Week, invest in what's important to you. Here are some articles, podcasts and interviews to encourage healthy marriages.

By Hope 103.2Monday 11 Sep 2023RelationshipsReading Time: 3 minutes

This Marriage Week, September 10-16, we are taking time to focus on marriages and helping you invest in your marriage with some great resources from our relationship and family experts.

In our fast-paced world, many couples are finding their busy schedules lead to fatigue and time pressures that are undermining the quality of their marriages. It’s hard to intentionally make space to invest in our spouses and families but this Marriage Week we want to encourage you to take that time.

Invest in what’s most important to you.

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages


Because the health of marriage is ultimately determined by individual health, we need to be diligent about emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

Standing in the kitchen, I heard the text notification on my phone. When I read the message from my friend, my heart dropped. Keep reading

7 Healthy Habits that Will Improve Your Marriage

Couple in love in black and white

The games were still sitting there. As I was cleaning up after a family gathering, I had put a couple of board games on the bottom step of the staircase.

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I assumed my husband would put them away on one of his many trips upstairs. Keep reading

The Case for Marriage and Why It’s Good For Us: Research Findings


In a recent episode of his podcast, Conversations, John Anderson sat down with Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.

“Marriage has lost ground, has retreated the most, among working-class and poor Americans,” Brad Wilcox said.

“What that means practically of course, both economically and socially, is that leaves poor and working-class adults and kids doubly disadvantaged.” Watch the episode

Dustin Nickerson Counters Unhelpful Marriage Advice with Comedy

Comedian Dustin Nickerson with wife Melissa

Dustin Nickerson is a comedian-turned-author, who in his “anti-marriage advice” book, How to be Married: To Melissa, pushes back against a one-size-fits-all attitude toward marital coaching, instead laying his marriage bare as example of what a marriage can look like, and allowing people to draw from it what they will.

“The main motivation behind writing this book, was that everything I had been told was inaccurate,” Dustin told Hope 103.2’s UNDISTRACTED podcast.

“Not because it was intentionally misleading, but because it was too general and not specific. Listen to the podcast

Does Marriage Still Matter? — Morning Devotions

A Man and a Woman that just got married.

I believe we really have a problem here that needs to be talked about. So many media stories about couples who break up after a short time—celebrity weddings make big news, and so do their break ups. There is, regrettably, a lot of feeling against traditional marriage values today.

There’s still a pervasive belief that marrying will change us in some magical way—that we’ll feel better, happier, or more complete. But is it true? Listen to or read the devotion

Bridging the Expectation Gap – In Relationships, Especially Marriage


Have you ever bought something online that you were so excited about, but when it finally arrived, it looked nothing like the photo? The description read “high quality denim” but the product ended up with more loose ends than your mum’s famous spaghetti.

There’s a popular saying, “disappointment sets in when expectations aren’t met” and this applies to marriage.

Sometimes we can experience disappointment or frustration within marriage – or any relationship – simply because our expectations are out of order. Keep reading