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Christian Sexologist Dr Pat Helps Parents Tackle Tough Sex Talks With Their Kids

By Katrina RoeMonday 14 Sep 2020Hope Mornings

Listen: Christian sexologist and author Dr Pat discusses healthy ways to talk to our kids about sex

“Boys on the school bus showed my nine-year-old son pornographic videos. He came home crying.”

“My little girl came home from school terrified. Her teacher told her that she can be a boy or a girl. She wants me to take her to the doctor to find out if she is a girl or a boy.  She is six years old.”

“My 15-year-old daughter has decided that she is transgender and wants to be a boy.”

If these questions sound familiar to you, you’re not alone.

They are the kinds of questions Christian sexologist and academic author Dr Patricia Weerakoon, AKA Dr Pat, has been helping parents tackle for years.

Her scientifically-informed and Bible-based approach has been helping parents with some of the most common concerns and questions they face when educating their children about sex and relationships.

Sex Education for Kids: 3 Anxiety Points

Dr Patricia says there are three main anxiety points for parents.

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Firstly, pornography has become the sex educator for our children, with the average age of exposure to porn being about 10 years old.

She says parents have to start talking to their kids before they’re exposed to the harmful messages of pornography.

The other two major issues causing parents concern are the influence of the cyber world and discussions around gender fluidity.

These topics are all addressed in Patricia’s latest book: Talking Sex By the Book: Giving Kids a Bible-Based View of Identity, Relationships and Sexuality.

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My teenager is now dating, how can I talk to them about relationships and sex?

What are the biggest concerns among parents today when it comes to their children and sex education?

Listen to the full interview above.

You can also ‘Ask Dr Pat about sex and relationship’ on her YouTube channel.

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