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“Where The Light Is” – How a Song Broke Through Our Darkness: Dennis & Helen’s Story

By Clare BruceWednesday 26 Jun 2019

Above: Hope 103.2 listeners Dennis and Helen.

It’s amazing how quickly lives can change. With one word, one decision, one single moment, we can move from hopeless to hope-filled, from despair to determination.

For Dennis and Helen, it was a song on the radio that brought them the hope they needed on one of their darkest days.

The young couple had been married for about three years, and had begun on their journey to start a family, when Helen tragically suffered a miscarriage. The grief affected them both, and it began to affect their relationship, too.

At the time they were renovating their future house, and living with Dennis’s parents in very close quarters—with “no room to fight”.

On one particularly tough night, the tension became too much.

“I think we just hit a wall and we just started to yell at each other,” Dennis recalls. “It was mainly to do with the loss of our child. And I just remember going to Helen, ‘Before I say something I will regret, I’m going to go’.”

He drove off, and Helen was left thinking, “Did I lose my baby and my husband too?”

When a Song Changes Everything

While driving and trying to clear his head, Dennis turned the radio on to Hope 103.2, and Dan Bremnes’ song Where The Light Is came on. Instantly it had meaning; it was Helen’s favourite song. He began listening to the lyrics, which speak of a man being knocked down by life, feeling hopeless, and calling out to God to save him. It broke through Dennis’s pain, and after the song ended, it kept repeating in his head. He knew God was speaking to him.

“It just impacted me on this whole new level, that I had to go back and reconcile with my wife,” Dennis said. “It only took me about three minutes to realise, get in the car, go home to Helen. When I went inside, I said to Helen, ‘I’m sorry’… [She] just burst out crying, and we both knew – it was hard for both of us.”

“I’ve learnt that God can be there at any time… that He is there with you through all the seasons.”

Dennis felt peace and confidence in that moment, and began speaking life and hope over his wife and their marriage. Five years on, and they are the parents of two beautiful children, with a strength that comes only from God.

“I’ve learnt that God can be there at any time… that He is there with you through all the seasons,” says Helen.

Looking back on that tough time, Dennis is grateful for the difference a Christian radio station made.

“That song just permeated my spirit and put me on the right path,” he said. “Through my grief I could have easily blocked it out, but God definitely used Hope as a catalyst, through the music, to actually reach me.”

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