"In the Depths of the Darkest Places" - Amy's Story of Hope – Hope 103.2

“In the Depths of the Darkest Places” – Amy’s Story of Hope

By Clare BruceMonday 24 Jun 2019

Hope listener Amy is one of the many beautiful reasons that Hope 103.2 exists. Her story is one of great sadness—but also great hope.

A mum of three children aged between 2 and 14, Amy suffered through 17 years of domestic violence in her marriage, and there were many times when she felt hopeless.

“You just go through the depths of the darkest places when you’re going through domestic violence and your hope is gone,” she said.

Amy’s Christian faith kept her holding on, and she says she “doesn’t know where she’d be” if she didn’t have God. One of the ways she was able to draw on her faith was by turning on the radio—and listening to Hope 103.2.

It was Amy’s mum who first got ‘hooked’ on the station, while working as a courier and driving all day. She then introduced Hope 103.2 to her daughter, and now Amy can’t imagine being without it.

She shares how her favourite song, I Can Only Imagine, by Mercy Me, often moved her deeply when it came on the radio, speaking to her of the time to come when all tears will be wiped away in heaven.

“Every time I listened to it I would burst into tears, it was such a heart cry for me.”

“That song speaks so much to me,” she said. “Every time I listened to it I would burst into tears, it was such a heart cry for me [about] what it would be like to be in front of Jesus – ‘would I dance, would I sing, would I fall on my knees?’”

Amy said she also loves the station for her kids’ sake—it’s not only ‘safe’ for them to listen to, but also builds them up with positive, encouraging messages.

“When they’re in the car I know that they’re getting things about God going into their spirit,” she said. “Every chance I get, I want God to be in and around my children, and speaking into their lives. It is my heart’s desire that they follow Him, that they know who they are in Christ, that their identity lies in Him, and that they fulfil the purposes that God has placed in their lives.”

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