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Loving The Strangers Next Door

By Hope 103.2Monday 22 Feb 2016

Kristen Schell always thought fulfilling her purpose in life would send her to far away mission fields, she had no idea that God’s calling for her life was right in her front yard.

The mother of four was very aware that God asks us to love our neighbours, but in the 21st century the people living in our street, or even right next door, are often strangers. We are all guilty of not taking the time or making the effort to get to know those who live closest to us.

Kristen was nervous when she felt God encouraging her to reach out and love her neighbours, but after buying a picnic table for a BBQ she decided to paint it turquoise and set it up in her front yard.

It started with just her at the table working on her laptop or doing a craft activity, but it didn’t take long before a neighbour stopped by to chat. And that one neighbour turned into a few more, who turned into a community of whom many she now counts as her closest friends.

Listening didn’t come naturally confesses Kristen, but now says she couldn’t imagine a more fulfilled life. “Loving my neighbours has taught me how to love God better, it’s drawn me into deeper relationship with Him. You don’t need permission or a program to go outside and be who Christ has called you to be. Open up your door and let God do the rest.”

Get more tips on how you can start your own ‘Turquoise Table’ at Kristen’s website www.kristinschell.com

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