Walking Through Anxiety and Depression: Encouragement for Christians – Hope 103.2

Walking Through Anxiety and Depression:
Encouragement for Christians

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 16 Apr 2019

Are you or a loved one walking through anxiety, depression, or both? Often, Christians struggle to face mental illness, as it somehow seems to be at odds with faith. But we are human, just as frail and prone to suffering as anyone else. Thankfully, God’s word, psychology and medicine, all offer great hope for those who are suffering. We hope the articles below bring encouragement.

Christians With Anxiety? It’s More Common Than You Think

Anxious lady
Despite how common anxiety is, many Christians with anxiety struggle with an added layer of guilt or shame. But there’s no shame in seeking help, says theologian Paul Grimmond.
Read More

Down, Not Out: Being a Christian Living With Depression

Man walking on beachChris Cippoloni didn’t set out to be ‘that guy who wrote a book about depression and Christianty’. It began as a few scribbled thoughts as this pastor and teacher tried to make biblical sense of the condition that had led him to hospital. Read More

There is Hope for Christians Battling Anxiety: A Chat with Paul Grimmond

Man with anxiety
It wasn’t until he had some terrifying panic attacks, that Paul Grimmond realised he had anxiety. Now he’s keen to encourage others struggling in similar ways. Read More

When Depression and the Spiritual Realm Collide: Emma Mullings’ Story

Woman looking out rainy window
Annoucer Emma Mullings confronts the issue of depression, and how you can slowly but surely beat the beast. Read More

Finding Hope in Anxiety & Depression: Pop Star Michelle Williams’ Devotions

Michelle Williams
Former Destiny’s Child pop star Michelle Williams has shared her faith by creating a new devotion series for the popular Bible app, YouVersion. Read More

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