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How Habakkuk Got Adele Into Hip-Hop Dancing

You will be dancing in the streets as a mother of four from NSW's Shoalhaven region shares about getting her groove on.

By Ben McEachenFriday 9 Dec 2022Hope MorningsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

During the past few years, mother-of-four Adele Latu got into something new: street hip-hop dancing.

Always a fan of moving to music but having let it go when she was younger, Adele unexpectedly found herself joining a crew. With some of her kids.

Adele told Hope Mornings about how all this came about.

Prepare to hear something you have never heard before: the Old Testament book of Habakkuk led Adele to embracing hip-hop routines.

Yes. Habakkuk and hip-hop.

Together. For the first time. In a way that Adele reckons we all can get onboard, no matter how old or rhythmically challenged.

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Listen to the full interview with Adele Latu in the player above.

Feature image: hip-hop dancer jumping with excitement / Source: Canva Pro