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For Kids of All Ages: Colin Buchanan & Karen Pang’s Album About Jesus

Colin Buchanan and Karen Pang first worked together on Play School in the 1990s. Now they’ve teamed up to create a kids’ album of songs about Jesus.

By Clare BruceThursday 15 Sep 2016Hope BreakfastMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Karen Pang & Colin Buchanan chat with Hope Breakfast about their new album for kids.

Colin Buchanan and Karen Pang have been crossing paths for years, ever since the 1990s where they were both presenters on the set of Play School.

It’s not just their love of children’s entertainment that keeps their friendship alive; both have a strong faith and share the belief that following Jesus is the best foundation for life.

And so they’ve made an album about it.

Living on the Rock, from Emu Kids music, is a collection of songs based on God’s word, with titles like Set Your Feet Upon the Rock, New Life Begins, Jesus is the Best Good News, and – amusingly – A Dog Returns to its Own Vomit, based on a Bible verse about staying away from sin.

Karen told Hope Media’s Laura Bennett that she’d always wanted to work on a project with Colin.

“We’ve worked with children and Play School, and we understand each other on that level, but also beyond that we both love God and walk with God,” she said. “When you get two people together who understand that and can create something, and bring kids to a great understanding of how they can love Jesus and follow Him, it’s a privilege and an honour.”

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An Album For All Ages

Living on the Rock

The pair hope that the new album (pictured above) will speak to people of all ages about the great strength that comes from following Jesus.

“Living on the rock is something you can do,” he said. “Jesus is the rock, and whether you’re old or young, Jesus says follow me. I hope the album is something that helps kids and families think about what it means to be living on the rock, how wonderful it is, and how they can face the challenges with joy.”

Karen said the new record is not just for children but for adults too.

“It’s fun, but behind it is God’s truth, His love, His word and grace.”

Colin joked that the most important quality in entertaining children was “to have been a child yourself”.

“Most of us qualify on that level,” he said, “but many of us forget what it’s like to be a child. It’s remembering what it’s like to be a four or five-year-old, but never stop being an adult. You can be yourself—but to really plug into the beauty and simplicity and honesty and joy of childhood is a really precious thing.”