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After A Year’s Rest, Switchfoot Are Back With a New Album – And It’s Not Heavy Metal

By Hope 103.2Friday 18 Jan 2019Hope Mornings

Listen: Sam & Duncan chat to Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman.

After more than a year’s rest from working as a band, American alternative-Christian rock band Switchfoot is back with their 11th full-length album, Native Tongue.

Sam and Duncan had a chance to catch up with singer Jon Foreman on the phone from his San Diego hometown to hear about the new album, and why love is its central theme. They talk songwriting and whether it still comes easily, as well as issues around justice, and the impact Switchfoot hopes to have as a band and individuals.

Switchfoot are multiple Grammy award winners and are best known for hits like Dare You to Move, Meant to Live, and Love Alone is Worth the Fight. In late 2017 the band announced they were stepping down as band for an indefinite time, to take a rest – with no plans of when they’d re-emerge.

On March 31, 2018, they famously released a heavy-metal sample of their song Meant to Live, announcing this was their new sound. The next day – April Fools Day – they admitted it was a prank. On December 30, 2018 the band announced that guitar-keyboard player Jerome had won his battle with cancer, having had a tumour successfully removed.

The new album Native Tongue is out today.

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