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Hope Book Club, Ep 61: ‘One Illumined Thread’

Georgia and Simone are joined by a special guest to discuss 'One Illumined Thread'.

By Hope 103.2Friday 8 Sep 2023Hope Book ClubBooksReading Time: 1 minute

In this episode of the Hope Book Club, Georgia and Simone are joined by Hope 103.2 colleague David Barker, a connoisseur of literature and art, to discuss the outstanding debut novel One Illumined Thead by Sally Colin- James.

One Illumined Thead is a stunning, sweeping historical novel spanning 2000 years. A powerful story of three women separated by centuries, each one finding themselves connected by a thread of longing, a singular creative spirit and search for freedom.

Hope Book Club discusses how art, connection purpose and faith are woven through this novel and the power in the often-untold stories of the women involved in history.

From Judea, under the brutal rule of King Herod to Renaissance Florence and contemporary Australia, each woman wants something that seems unattainable, and it will take all their courage, creativity and determination to achieve it.

Don’t worry if you haven’t read the book, you can still enjoy the podcast. That’s all in this episode of the Hope Book Club – because life’s just better with a book!

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