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About Dan Jones

Hi, I’m Dan, and I have a lot of fun taking you through the weekend afternoons at Hope 103.2.
I grew up in Bankstown around a lot of multiculturalism and epic kebabs.

I’m essentially a perpetual student for better or worse, I’ve studied Psychology, and currently doing my psychology honours this year. My life is mostly my thesis, so it’s fantastic to take some time out to hang with you on weekend afternoons.

For fun I play soccer for Panania RSL in the Bankstown competition, I’m not very good since joining I managed to score a goal and sadly got a red card for accidentally doing a handball in the goal mouth… it was definitely a reflex, but the referee didn’t see it that way. I also volunteer as a tutor and mentor through a Chaplaincy at a Juvenile Justice Centre in Sydney, it’s heaps of fun and a massive kick to see people overcome adversity and trouble in their lives.

Born and bred in Sydney there’s nothing like being back in your hometown doing what you love.

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