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“I enjoy reflecting on what is happening in the world and discussing how God’s truth, wisdom and practical advice can guide our path through it. Whether it is breaking news or a strange new trend on TikTok,” – Ben

Ben is a follower of Jesus, a husband to Amy, a dad to two daughters, and a lifelong fan of checked shirts. He was a full-time movie reviewer for more than a decade, including reviewing for Open House and The Big Picture show on Hope 103.2. Now, he’s keen to share the things of God, the universe and everything with you through everyday issues, current affairs and the odd post about something weird happening in our world.

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About Ben

Ben studied journalism at the University of South Australia before starting at News Ltd’s Adelaide Advertiser as a sub-editor. Becoming The Advertiser’s first film editor, Ben spent several years writing about movies, including interviews and reviews. He scored his dream job at Empire magazine and loved working there, until his Christian convictions steered him to completing a Bachelor of Theology at Moore Theological College in Sydney. Since graduating, Ben has been a freelancer in Christian media – including co-host of The Big Picture, and deputy editor at Eternity News.

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