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Mornings with Katrina Roe

About Katrina Roe

Katrina Roe has been flourishing in the media landscape for the past 20 years. She came to Hope 103.2 in 2006 as the first producer of the Open House program, before moving to Hope Mornings in 2010.

In that time she’s had three gorgeous babies and published three critically acclaimed children’s books, (more coming soon!) as well as writing for a number of publications including Huffington Post. A passionate reader, writer and storyteller, Katrina enjoys daily conversations with a fascinating range of guests. She relishes the opportunity to share hope across Sydney and loves hearing from our beautiful Hope listeners. Katrina sometimes finds it awkward to talk about herself in the third person.

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About Hope Mornings

It’s 9am and after the rush of the morning routine, Hope 103.2 helps listeners settle into their day with a cuppa and engaging conversation. Hope Mornings offers a range of regular segments on family life, sport, music and entertainment; along with the latest in news and current affairs. Whether it’s keeping parents up to date on the latest tween fad, or fostering healthy relationships, listeners are sure to find a helpful lifestyle tip each time they tune in.

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