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Drive with Ray & Erin

About Hope Drive

“Sydney’s a busy place, we want to make your trip home fun and informative” – Ray & Erin

Sydney’s commute is one of the world’s busiest, but Hope 103.2 has it covered. With,

  • traffic reports every 15 minutes
  • highlights of all that has happened throughout the day and
  • a live 60 minute broadcast of Sydney’s Channel 9’s 6 pm News

The drive program provides the perfect mix of music, current affairs and entertainment to take the pressure off as listeners head home.

Latest Highlights From Ray & Erin

About Ray & Erin

Ray has been getting Hope listeners home for over 10 years. A father of two, with a love of everything classic… cars, clothing, music, he’s never short of a witty one-liner to keep the drive home entertaining. Bringing us the latest from the Nine Newsroom, Peter Overton, Ray & Erin keep listeners up-to-date on what is happening now in Sydney and around the world.

Erin brings vitality to the airwaves like no other, with her twin girls making sure to keep her on her toes. Her wild creativity makes sure the drive home for Sydney is never a dull one. Describing herself has a proud mum, extraverted, ridiculous, intuitive and not a morning person, Erin brightens up the Drive home. Making Ray & Erin the perfect pair to get you home.

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