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Drive with Ray & Erin

About Ray Kington

A father of two with a love of antique cars and 50s fashion, Ray would be just as comfortable on the set of a James Bond film as he is on-air with Hope 103.2. It’s a little-known fact that Ray was once a Tennis Umpire, and is the owner of the largest Frank Sinatra record collection in South West Sydney. On the pulse of the latest current affairs, and with a direct line to Channel 9’s Peter Overton, Ray keeps listeners up to date on that is happening now in Sydney and around the world.

About Hope Drive

Sydney’s commute is one of the world’s busiest, but Hope 103.2 has it covered. With traffic reports every 15 minutes, highlights of all that has happened throughout the day and a live broadcast of Channel 9’s 6 pm News, the drive program provides the perfect mix of music, current affairs and entertainment to take the pressure off as listeners head home.

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