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Time to Say Goodbye – Duncan Robinson is Leaving Hope Breakfast

"I’ve poured my heart and soul into this job... I am exhausted... I’m also thankful... It has been an honour serving you, Hopeland."

Listen: Duncan Robinson announces his departure from Hope Breakfast

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 12 Jan 2021Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

After four-and-a-half years in breakfast radio, Duncan Robinson (the Duncan in ‘Sam and Duncan’) has announced his departure from Hope Breakfast.

Sadly, this isn’t some kind of cruel joke, the news is real! In a heartfelt statement on-air this morning to Breakfast listeners, Duncan revealed the effect early morning radio has had on his life and this Friday 15 January 2021 will be his final show. 

“Every journey has a start point and a finish point. The best journeys are filled with unexpected twists and turns. They are adventures that push you right to the very limit of what you thought was possible. In doing that, they reveal glorious moments that were never possible unless you boldly stepped in and were willing to start,” Duncan said.

“A good journey leaves you with fond memories. The kind that brings a wry smile to the corners of your mouth and remind you of not just the joy of the trip… but also the point of the ending.

“Great journeys leave you with in-jokes – like Bro-Marks, Real Heroes of Hopeland, our Friday gardening friends Cecil and Percy, and the poems that you craft every week, Sam. Things that range from the sublime – thousands of eye operations that we’ve witnessed, hundreds of kids from drought-affected areas sent to camp – to the insane (yes, we are really that good at private investigation)!

“The best journeys leave us wanting it never to end and crying when it does. And sadly this is one of those stories, with an end to a wonderful, breath-taking, sublime journey.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into this job for four-and-a-half years. And I am exhausted, spent and finished. I’m also thankful, overjoyed and blessed as a result. It has been an honour serving you, Hopeland, but it is time for this dawn treader to say farewell.

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“Sam, you have been the best co-host a person could ever wish for – humble, witty and brilliant. You are the most precious and dear human I have ever met. I love you man.

“Georgia, you are wise beyond your years, talented like I have never seen. Most days I am convinced God blessed our team with a unicorn to replace another unicorn… who keeps getting pregnant.

“Ally, the unicorn who keeps getting pregnant, I am beyond thankful for you. You have been a part of this journey from the beginning. The Viking Queen – you are an ocean of positivity, a mountain of encouragement and a never-ending tide of support.

“Hopeland, this has been an honour. Thank you, but come Friday, it’s time to say farewell.”

Listen to Duncan’s full announcement in the player above or video below, where he answers candidly and emotionally the reasoning behind his decision and what his future holds. You can stay connected with Duncan on Facebook and Instagram.

Be part of the conversation – Hope breakfast with Sam Robinson – starts Monday from 5.30am.

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