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The ‘Open House’ Show Taking a Break in 2019

By Hope 103.2Thursday 24 Jan 2019Open House Interviews

After two years leading the way with conversations about the big issues in society, the team behind Hope 103.2’s Sunday night show Open House will be pausing the show in 2019.

Presenter Stephen O’Doherty (above) has made the tough decision over the summer break to step back from the program, and focus on other things in 2019.

In a post on the Open House Facebook page, Stephen said producing a busy, live talk show has been “immensely satisfying”, but also “very full-on” – and with a number of major projects and new goals ahead in 2019, it was time to make the tough decision for the sake of his family and other leadership and ministry commitments.

Open House interviews and talkback have been coloured with a positive, inclusive and respectful tone that always pointed to the hope of Jesus.

“The decision was not without some heartache,” Stephen writes. “I am very grateful to Hope Media for the opportunity to host Open House and for their understanding as I make this transition. I am also immensely grateful to the wonderful Annie Rinaudo for agreeing to take an adventurous ride with me as producer. Working with Annie again after so many years (don’t ask) has been a great joy.”

Stephen O DohertyBig Issues Through the Lens of Faith and Hope

Since 2017 Stephen and Annie have built on the rich tradition of the Open House program, delivering a voice on today’s issues to a wide audience across Australia, through the lens of faith and hope.

They’ve covered many major issues including same sex marriage, social justice issues, first nation issues, indigenous health and welfare, climate science, religious freedom, bio-ethics, spirituality in the arts and science, human relationships and so much more. In the true spirit of the show, its interviews and talkback have been coloured with a positive, inclusive and respectful tone that always pointed to the hope of Jesus.

Hope 103.2 is proudly supported by

As Hope 103.2 continues to cover issues like religious freedom, we are considering specific Open House podcasts or stand-alone programming events this year, which Stephen will be able to add his voice to when called on. Stephen will also continue in board roles with Hope Media, Family Radio and Christian Media and Arts Australia (CMAA).

Hope 103.2 thanks both Annie and Stephen for so generously investing their gifts into the lives of listeners all over the country each Sunday night.

More than 350 interviews and articles from the past two years of Open House can be accessed anytime online, on the Open House show page.


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