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Rend Collective Live in Sydney – February 2020!

By Hope 103.2Monday 18 Nov 2019

The Northern Irish modern worship, folk-rock band, Rend Collective, is headed to Sydney in February 2020 and we’ve got your exclusive tickets.

Proudly presented by Hope 103.2, the band will be celebrating their sixth studio album, Good News, and you can book your tickets from 10am, Thursday 21 November before they sellout.

Tickets are now sold out for the Sydney show

Rend Collective’s The Revival Anthem Tour is on Monday 17 February, 2020.

Venue: C3 Church, Oxford Falls, NSW

“Rend Collective is an eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists from Ireland, Bangor, who through songs, music and stories want to lead people closer to Jesus.”

Rend Collective’s sixth studio album, Good News, will be released on January 19, 2020.

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About Rend Collective

Amidst so much heaviness consuming events of today’s world, Rend Collective is sharing good news as a response to that brokenness. The Ireland-hailing Rend Collective is harkening back to their roots-y, unique sound – originally birthed out of Bangor, Ireland – for their sixth studio album, Good News, releasing January 19.

Taking on the moniker “Purveyors of Good News,” Rend Collective is barreling down the road of authenticity, and simple old-fashioned Gospel. Grown away from industry or formula, each song from Good News is deeply connected to the band’s roots in missional community – a group of people, or extended family, who are united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships – much like the band themselves.

The title track and lead single, “Rescuer (Good News),” speaks to the band’s desire to shed light in the dark places. In a society that seems to continually face bad news, the lyrics point to the good news found in Jesus for every season and circumstance.

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