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Hope 103.2 and Inspire Digital Emerge onto the iHeartRadio App

By Clare BruceFriday 12 Jul 2019

It was a historic moment for Hope 103.2 and Inspire Digital this week, when the two radio stations became available on the popular radio streaming app, iHeartRadio.

The stations emerged onto the internet radio platform after an agreement was signed between the international media company iHeart, and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

The agreement has paved the way for community radio stations to be heard on the app for the first time in its 11-year history, where previously it only offered commercial radio stations, as well as its music and podcast offerings.

Brisbane’s Christian radio station, 96five, also joined the app – meaning three of the first 14 community stations in this week’s launch are part of the Hope Media family.

Hope 103.2 general manager Dwayne Jeffries said he was thrilled to have the stations accessible through the app.

You can now catch Hope on FM, DAB+, iHeart, TuneIn, VAST satellite, and streaming on the web… who knows what’s next!

“This is such an exciting opportunity,” he said. “Our passion is that all who listen to Inspire and Hope 103.2 will experience God’s love through the music and ministry they hear. Now with iHeartRadio alongside our existing Hope app and website streams, we’re eagerly anticipating many more listeners discovering the hope they too can have in Jesus.”

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In addition to the iHeartRadio app, Hope 103.2 and Inspire Digital can both be heard on DAB+ Digital radio, the Hope Media app, the TuneIn app, and streamed online. Hope 103.2 can also be heard on the VAST satellite network across regional Australia, and of course, on the FM radio dial.

iHeartRadio Australia’s COO Geraint Davies said the service had always wanted to expand to include community stations.

“Enabling these community stations to stay connected to their listeners even when they are away from their radio or out of the broadcaster area will only strength the bond these stations have with their dedicated communities,” he said.

Access the stations on iHeart using the links below, or head to the iHeartRadio app and search “Hope 1032” and “Inspire Digital”.

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