Superhero Peter Saves The Day on International Doughnut Day – Hope 103.2

Superhero Peter Saves The Day on International Doughnut Day

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 21 Jun 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Hope 103.2 listener Peter was elevated to Superhero status, when he saved the day on International Doughnut Day, Friday June 2.

Our Brekky team Laura and Duncan had been telling listeners all week how much they were looking forward to eating doughnuts on air, guilt-free. But come Friday morning, neither of them actually succeeded in bringing doughnuts to work.

Thankfully, faithful listener Peter was on his way home from a nightshift when he heard this debacle unfolding on air.

Peter stopped off at not one, but two, doughnut suppliers and picked up three trays of glazed doughnuts and a cup of the cinnamon variety for the Hope team to share.

Thanks Pete! You clearly speak Duncan’s love language!

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