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Nailpolish, Candy, or Restore Someone’s Eyesight? What $32 Can Buy

By Clare BruceMonday 14 Aug 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

All this week, Laura and Duncan will be broadcasting the Brekky show from the Philippines in support of CBM’s Miracles Day, giving you a chance to donate $32 to give someone back their sight.

On their way through the airport, the pair decided to have a look around the duty-free gift stores and see what else $32 can buy (watch the video below).

What they found, of course, were plenty of non-essential luxury items—like a $40 gift box of choc-coated nuts (worth more than a life-changing eye operation), a $71 giant Rainbow Leopard Beanie Boo (two life-changing eye operations), and an eyeshadow compact worth $90 – which could restore the eyesight of nearly three people.

It was a reminder of just how easy it is for us in rich nations like Australia, to make a difference to someone’s life!

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To support Miracles Day and change someone’s life with a sight-restoring eye operation, head to the Miracles Day Donations Page.

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