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Single Mum Louise is Headed for Fiji in ‘Give The Best Break’ Giveaway

By Hope 103.2Thursday 11 May 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Above: Louise (centre) and her two sons, with their friend Sandi (right) who nominated for the Give the Best Break giveaway.

A single mum of two boys, who’s been through more than her fair share of life’s hardship, is the first wonderful winner of a family holiday to Fiji in the Hope 103.2 Give the Best Break giveaway.

Nominated by her friend Sandi Candotti, Louise Fraser has been through some very tough seasons in life. When Laura and Duncan phoned the two women to share the news, both were emotional.

Sandi said her friend was a “tough cookie with a heart of gold”, and shared why she nominated Louise for a ‘best break’.

“Louise’s marriage spiralled out of control because her husband turned to drugs and alcohol,” Sandi explained. “So she left him just for the sake of the kids, and made a very conscious choice to give them the best life she could. I think she’s a great inspiration of someone making a great choice in a bad situation to rise up, because it could’ve all gone very bad.”

This and other trials mean that Louise has never been able to really treat herself and her family.

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“I think [a holiday like this] is something she would never allow herself to dream about or even talk about or think about,” Sandi said.

Laura and Duncan visited Louise and her boys at home to celebrate the win, carrying plastic leis, a ukelele and one very big novelty boarding pass. And yes, that’s a plastic rainbow grass skirt Duncan is wearing.

The final two Fiji holidays, proudly donated by JC Travel Professionals, will be announced on Hope Breakfast on Monday May 15 and Monday May 2.

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