The Day Channel 9's Peter Overton Dropped In - Hope 103.2

The Day Channel 9’s Peter Overton Dropped In

There was a buzz in the Hope 103.2 Tally Room when our friend from Channel Nine Peter Overton popped in to help out with Hopeathon 2015.

By Clare BruceWednesday 18 Nov 2015Hope DriveStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

There was a buzz in the Hope 103.2 Tally Room when our friend from Channel Nine Peter Overton popped in for a visit this morning, to help out with Hopeathon 2015.

Peter is well-known to Hope listeners.

His nightly Channel Nine news bulletin is simulcast on the radio station each weeknight at 6pm, and every afternoon he chats with Ray on air about the news of the day.

Today he joined Dwayne and Ray in encouraging listeners to give towards the life-changing work of the radio station.

He said he is often surprised by the people who tell him they listen to Hope 103.2.

“At the kids’ school recently, one of the mums said to me “I love listening to Hope and your chat with Ray every afternoon”,” Peter said.

“And I said “I didn’t realise you listened to Hope”, and she said “yeah, because when the kids are in the car, I can’t risk a lot of the stuff that I’m hearing”. A lot of people say that to me and it surprises me.

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Peter Overton on Hope 103.2

TV’s Peter Overton tries his hand at radio announcing

“Andrew Scipione, the police commissioner – a fine man, we’re lucky to have him leading the police force – he told me that they often listen to the Nine News simulcast on Hope on the way home, or if they’re going to a function. And his media team do too.”

His colleagues are also fans of the News simulcast on Hope 103.2.

“I’ve often asked [people], “what’s it like to listen to a visual medium on a radio”, and a lot of my colleagues, they might be driving home, say, “it’s great, it actually really works”.

“So it’s great, the partnership we have.”

As a news journalist, Peter said he loves the message that Hope presents, especially in a troubled world.

“We’ve really got to dig deep and have hope, because at the moment hope’s being challenged,” he said.

He also loves the stories of hope that our listeners share.

“They feel comfortable telling you their stories you because they’re comfortable with the radio station and what you’re providing them in their lives,” he said. “That must be very rewarding for all the staff and volunteers that you’ve made a difference.”

“We love our association with hope and wish you fantastic success.”

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