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Juliet The Dog Wins Hopeland’s Short Film Competition

A flick about a Labrador called Juliette has won Hope 1032’s short film competition, with other entries including Lego animations, slapstick silent films and spiritual metaphors.

By Clare BruceSaturday 17 Oct 2015Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Hopeland’s panel of esteemed film critics have made their decision:  a flick about a Labrador called Juliet is the winner of Hope 1032’s first ever short film competition.

The Big Hero Short Film Competition called for entries of 2 minutes or less, based on the theme Big Heroes.

The winning film, titled The Hero In Brown, was from a young Hornsby girl named Sam McIntyre – who roped in not only her brothers to act in her film, but Juliette her hero and pet brown Labrador.

Sam won herself an iPad mini for her efforts, and her film was screened in front of a large audience at Dan & Laura’s Outdoor Movie Night, before a screening of Big Hero 6.

Special mentions go to Flynn Boffo for his highly creative and detailed Lego animation Super Awesome Panda Man, and Chloe Hayes for her movie Big Ted The Big Hero. Other entries ranged from music videos to family dramas, slapstick silent films to spiritual metaphors. A selection of entries is featured below.

Winning Entry: ‘The Hero In Brown’ – by Sam McIntyre

Juliet the Labrador displays amazing ladder-wrangling skills as she rescues a boy stuck in a treehouse…

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Special Mentions

‘Super Awesome Panda Man’ – by Flynn Boffo

A Lego animation about Super Awesome Panda Man, who saves the day when Goebbel the villain plans to destroy Hopeland with his Destructor Ray…

A Selection Of Other Entries

‘Super Monkey’ – by Jacob Bray

A toy monkey comes to life as Super Monkey and saves a damsel in distress…


The Big Hero’ (Silent Film) – by Angela Duong and the Dugongs

The Duong family’s slapstick silent film tells the fun story of a gorilla who thieves from an old lady in a church…

 ‘Heroes All Around Us’ – by The Harris Family

A movie about the everyday hero in all of us, starring Lydia The Loveable, Evana The Extraordinary, Tiger Man Tom and Miracle Mum…

‘Big Hero 3’ – by Josie Miller

Three superhero kids demonstrate their awesome super powers around the house…

‘Pathway Of Heroes’ – by Ryan Anderson

A dramatic depiction of the battle between good and evil in the journey of life…