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How to Create a Cozy Work and Study Space in Your Home

Now is the perfect time to update your study or home work space, writes Nikki Duthie. Think lighting, furniture, desk and accessories.

By Hope 103.2 NetworkThursday 16 Mar 2023LifestyleReading Time: 3 minutes

Early into a new year is the perfect time to update your study or work space at home.

My husband has been perfecting his home office, and I have been planning my own study space.

You might be itching for a change or setting one up for the first time.

Here are a few things to consider.

1. Space

The first step in making the ultimate home office is finding the best space for it.

Here are my best tips:

  • You don’t need a huge amount of space! Your home office doesn’t need to be giant, and a smaller more organised space will help your house feel less cluttered.
  • If you have kids to watch, you might want to set up in a space that is close to where they will be playing during the day.
  • Try and situate yourself near a window…

2. Lighting

Setting your study up near a window will help you make use of wonderful natural light.

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An additional bonus is the fresh air you can get by slightly cracking that window open!

A bright room will help you feel more awake and make the space feel more alive.

The best desk positioning is perpendicular to a window or directly in front of a window.

If your window is behind your desk, you risk annoying glare on your laptop screen!

If you work at night or can’t fit next to a window, find some cozy, ambient, warm lighting. This could be a tall lamp next to your desk or a small desk lamp in the corner.

Try and reduce the risk of casting shadows by placing your lamp strategically to prevent blocking the light.

3. Desk

The trick to making any space cozy is getting the basics right – start from the ground up.

Do some online or thrift shopping to find a table that works for you and matches your existing furniture.

Personally, I prefer a sit-stand desk. I find my productivity increases when I can stand and get my legs moving, and having the option to also sit and focus is really helpful!

There are pros and cons to both sitting and standing all day, so get what works for your needs.

4. Chair

It is incredibly important to have a chair that keeps you comfortable and free of back pain!

Don’t compromise on chair quality.

Make sure the height is adjustable to ensure a comfortable height for your desk.

5. Riser

It is important to have an ergonomic set up when you are sitting for long periods.

Ideally, your legs should be at a right angle with feet flat on the floor, the top of the screens at eye level, and your elbows by your sides while you type.

You can get a riser which sits across your entire desk and provides a functional storage space, or you can get a riser that just sits under your laptop.

Whatever you use is up to you, but do your research to get the best quality and best fit for your space and needs.

If you’re really on a budget, a few books under your screen can always do the trick and adds a personal touch!

6. The Organiser

Having an organised place to store any paper, notebooks, pencils, or anything else you need is essential.

This might be a drawer under the desk, a drawer built in to your riser, or even an all-in-one unit.

I recommend using the desk WITHOUT an organiser for a couple of weeks. This way, you will know exactly what you use and what you need through practice.

I have often bought things to organise my stuff but realised in practice I needed a different amount of drawers, or different sizes.

You have to deal with the mess for a week or two, but the end result is an organiser that is both beautiful and functional!

7. The Accessories

This is the most enjoyable step!

Make your space your own, with plants, artwork, books – the list goes on.

Plants are a great way to liven up the space and also have great air purifying benefits.

If you’ve not kept plants before, go for low maintenance – a Snake Plant is an easy plant to keep alive.

Try and keep accessories that “spark joy” so that your desk is a place where you can relax.

Head online and check out photos of other people’s home offices for inspiration!

Article supplied with thanks to 1079life.

Feature image: Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash