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Hope Book Club, Ep 29: Journalistic Style Memoirs

Join Katrina Roe & Natasha Moore as they dive into the humour, trials and first hand tales from three journalistic style memoirs this week.

Listen: Hope Book Club, Episode 29: Journalistic style memoirs.

By Katrina RoeThursday 25 Feb 2021Hope Book ClubLifestyleReading Time: 1 minute

In episode 29, Katrina Roe and Natasha Moore from the Centre for Public Christianity enjoy some journalistic style memoirs.

Airhead, The Imperfect Art of Making News, by Emily Maitlis – a first-hand account of how news gets made from a journalist who’s interviewed Donald Trump, Tony Blair, Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama.

The Diary of a Bookseller, by Shaun Bythell – a sometimes grumpy, often funny, account of the trials and tribulations of the book trade from the owner of Scotland’s largest second hand bookstore.

And Katrina laughed out loud reading China Blonde – the memoir of Australian TV journalist Nicole Webb about her time living in mainland China. Shopping at IKEA will never be the same.

Take a trip down memoir lane in Episode 29 of the Hope Book Club.