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“Within Half an Hour She Was Alive” – Miracles Still Happen Says Nuclear Medicine Physician

Dr Ernest Crocker collects inspiring stories of God performing miracles in other lives. He's also seen his own share of modern-day miracles.

Listen: Christian, author and nuclear medicine physician Dr Ernest Crocker chats about modern-day miracles

By Laura BennettTuesday 16 Mar 2021Hope AfternoonsInspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

Are there instances in your life where you felt God was undoubtedly intervening in your situation? Or have you wanted to see God show up, and then have been confused when it seemed like He didn’t?

Dr Ernest Crocker is a nuclear medicine physician and follower of Jesus, and over his lifetime he’s observed countless instances of the unexplainable happening both in his career, and in the personal lives of those around him.

In his latest book The Man in White, Dr Crocker collects inspiring stories of people around the world who have seen God do the miraculous in their lives, from fellow professionals to academics, criminals, a surgeon facing death for his faith and those who have escaped the horror of war.

The Man in White book cover by Dr Ernest F. Crocker

One intervention he witnessed personally was early in his medical career when, as a young cynical doctor – which he said he still is – Dr Crocker asked God for proof of His ability to work modern-day miracles.

“I was called out to pray for a lady who’d had a heart attack and she’d died,” Dr Crocker told Hope 103.2.

“And I spent an hour trying to resuscitate her.

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“I’d challenged God the night before: ‘If you heal today, you better prove it to me’,” he said.

“And as I was kneeling praying for this women, He said, ‘Now’s the time’… and within half and hour in hospital she was alive with a heartbeat and talking and no brain damage.”

Dr Crocker said that whenever he doubts  God’s ability, he thinks, ‘No, I was there. I saw it. I was in that room and I saw God do that and I can’t deny it”.

These days, Dr Crocker believes a lot of Christians, “follow a historical Jesus and abide by a Christian ethic” without experiencing a tangible, interactive relationship to God.

In writing The Man in White, he hoped readers would be able to see that God is much closer and available than we might think.

“We have an open invitation to meet with the King of Kings, daily,” he said.

“It is my sincere hope that people reading this book will discover that a personal, ongoing relationship with the living God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is not only possible but available to all.”

The Man in White is available now.

Dr Ernest F CrockerDr Ernest F. Crocker trained at the University of New South Wales, becoming an experienced nuclear medicine physician, and the first to practise ultrasound in Australia. He lives in Sydney with his wife Lynne and is currently the NSW state Chairman of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia. He is the author of When Oceans Roar and Nine Minutes to Midnight.