"What I Said, Literally Saved Her Life" - Morning Devotions Presenter Chris Witts Reflects - Hope 103.2

“What I Said, Literally Saved Her Life” – Morning Devotions Presenter Chris Witts Reflects

Hope 103.2’s Chris Witts will never forget the day he spoke to a woman on the phone, whose life was literally saved by his daily segment, Morning Devotions.

By Clare BruceWednesday 20 Nov 2019Morning Devotions with Chris WittsInspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

One of the programs on Hope 103.2 that seems to change lives the most, is Morning Devotions: a little five-minute faith segment that airs each morning around 9am.

Listeners are constantly sharing how much it encourages, comforts, or helps them in their daily life. One woman who was impacted more than most was literally on the verge of suicide—when the segment arrested her attention, gave her hope, and rescued her.

Morning Devotions presenter Chris Witts, who is a Salvation Army minister, remembers it well.

“Things had got very desperate,” Chris said. “She was a middle-aged lady, living here in Sydney, who believed the end had come for her. That particular morning, she felt that she wanted some music to end [her life]. So she fiddled around on the radio… at about six minutes past nine in the morning, and heard my voice. [She was] startled to hear it.

“I spoke to her [through the devotion] that particular morning, to such an extent that she went into the toilet and threw out the tablets.”


The woman contacted the radio station to share what an impact Chris’s ministry had made, and a few days later Chris called her back.

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“I just wanted to say to her, ‘I’m glad you didn’t do what you were threatening to do, it would have been the end of your life’, and I prayed with her on the phone,” Chris recalled.

“To this day I feel that was probably the most dramatic thing that’s happened, as far as my radio ministry. What I said, literally saved her life.

“There is a power in radio that I’ve sensed even when I was a young kid, and I saw it for myself, and heard as I spoke to this woman,” he said. “What I said that morning just stopped her in her tracks, at the right time. I felt overwhelmed, I felt very humbled that God had used me and the particular subject I was talking about, to save her life. I will never forget that day.”

Chris said this kind of life-change is the reason he continues to work in radio.

“Christian radio is, in my experience, a powerful medium,” he said. “It activates your mind, your memory, your focus, your imagination, and through the Holy Spirit’s ministry it changes lives.”

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