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Amazing People – Professor James Dale: The Banana Man

By Georgia FreeThursday 30 May 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

Listen: Professor James Dale chats to Sam and Duncan

Above: James Dale. Credit: Patria Janides, QUT

Bananas are a great snack and keep our bones healthy and strong – but they can do much more than that, thanks to new research from Professor James Dale.

Countless people and organisations around the world are working to improve lives in the developing world, but Professor James is saving lives in East Africa, in the most unique way – with bananas. A researcher at the Queensland University of Technology and the Senior Australian of the Year for Queensland in 2019, James is using bananas to treat vitamin A deficiencies in developing countries, saving lives in the process.

Sam and Duncan were delighted to chat with James about his research, what it means for the developing world, and future research projects.


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