Amazing People – Neill Duncan: The One-Armed Saxophonist – Hope 103.2

Amazing People – Neill Duncan: The One-Armed Saxophonist

By Hope 103.2Thursday 4 Apr 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

As a professional saxophonist, Neill Duncan has spent his life devoted to music, and has played with some of the biggest jazz bands in Australia and New Zealand.

However, when Neill developed sarcoma in his left arm and underwent an amputation, he faced the prospect of losing his career. Five years on, Neill has returned to playing saxophone professionally – with one arm.

Sam and Duncan were lucky enough to sit down with Neill and chat about his journey.

Neill is an ambassador for the South West Disability Expo on Friday and Saturday April 5 and 6 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre in Liverpool. It is a free event to learn more about information and services for disability in South West Sydney, and Neill is performing at the opening ceremony on Friday at 11am.

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