How a Little Girl Called Michelle Found a Place in Sam Robinson's Heart – Hope 103.2

How a Little Girl Called Michelle Found a Place in Sam Robinson’s Heart

By Clare BruceMonday 19 Mar 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

In the struggling village of Cabitan in the Philippines, 200 children are waiting to be sponsored in Hope 103.2’s ‘Sponsor-A-Village’ campaign on March 28.

But breakfast host Sam Robinson couldn’t wait until then.

While he was in the Philippines with co-host Duncan, recording children’s stories to prepare for the appeal, a little girl called Michelle stole her way into his heart. So he signed up as one of the first child sponsors.

Sam said he didn’t expect when we got on a plane for the Philippines that he’d so impacted.

“I never imagined a little girl other than my own daughter would capture my heart in such a profound way,” he said. “Michelle was five years old and full of joy and smiles despite her living conditions.”

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Michelle lives with her mum Elizabeth and five siblings. Her father, sadly, is in prison. To provide for her young family, Elizabeth does laundry work every day, earning just 200 pesos—less than $5 AUD. By sponsoring Michelle, Sam will be making a dramatic difference to her whole family.

“Her mother dreams of her going to school and receiving a proper education,” he said. “I knew that I had to help Michelle and her family. But there’s an entire village of children like Michelle that need health, hygiene and education. They need hope.”

Sponsor Child Michelle, Philippines

Above: Michelle with her sister and mum (R), and the simple home they live in.

Children in the sponsored in the Compassion Australia Sponsor-A-Village campaign, will be registered in a program run by their local church. The sponsorship supports them financially with their education, food and health care, and the children also learn the gospel message of hope in Jesus.

To get involved in Sponsor-A-Village, be listening to Hope 103.2 on March 28.

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