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Restoring ‘Personhood’:
A Chat with Andy Crouch About Our Part in Jesus’ Redemptive Work

By Stephen O'DohertyTuesday 24 Apr 2018Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Listen: Author and prominent Christian thinker Andy Crouch in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty. Above: Andy Crouch (Source:

The digital revolution is the cause of massive disruption to whole industries. It is changing the way we communicate, the way we see ourselves and the way we see others. However it is by no means unique in our history. Nor will it be the last challenge to our notions of self and society.

That’s the view of respected Christian author Andy Crouch.

In an exclusive interview with Open House Andy Crouch has suggested that revolutionary technological and social change has come at the expense of the value we place on the worth and dignity of personhood.

Andy Crouch is a respected thinker, journalist and author. He is part of a growing movement of thinkers who believe the Christian church, and Christians generally, should contribute to human flourishing by thinking and acting redemptively – working to restore human dignity in a way that reflects the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

A former supervising editor of Christianity Today, Andy Crouch currently is the Partner for Theology and Culture at Praxis, a US-based organisation aimed at encouraging both not-for-profit and for-profit enterprises to bring gospel values to their work in the world.

He has authored several books, one of which, Culture Making, has been influential in shaping my current practice as a Christian broadcaster.

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Andy Crouch is a regular contributor to Q Ideas, a movement that encourages Christians to Stay Curious, Think Well and Advance the Common Good.

Q Commons, which I am delighted to host in Sydney, is part of this global movement, aimed at encouraging thoughtful Christians to contribute creatively to individual and social well being.

It was a special privilege to sit down with Andy Crouch on the side lines of the recent Q Ideas conference in Nashville.

We talked about the next revolution, the biological revolution, and how it will profoundly challenge personhood. How should Christians respond?

We also discuss his preset favourite book of the Bible (it’s not one you would expect!) and how it reveals a profound truth about the radical nature of the Gospel.

Hear our conversation with Andy Crouch in the audio player above.

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