What is Tithing and Do I Have to Do It? – Money Podcast - Hope 103.2

What is Tithing and Do I Have to Do It? – Money Podcast

The Money: Faith and Finance podcast raises an ancient practice that could say more about your heart and priorities than you want it to.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 29 Mar 2023Money: Faith & FinancePodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

Tithing. Sounds old fashioned just to mention it so what has it got to do with me nowadays?

Isn’t it some Old Testament money thing that went out when Jesus came along?

Or are those Christians correct who maintain that tithing must continue?

The latest episode of Money: Faith and Faith podcast gets stuck into all these tithing queries.

Pete Burrows is an accountant for small business and individuals with Lower Russell and Farr in Penrith, Western Sydney, Australia.

He and Hope Mornings’ Ben McEachen try to sort out tithing in 2023 and what’s it got to do with any of us.

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What is tithing?

The word “tithe” is taken from a Hebrew word that means “tenth”.

As recorded throughout the Old Testament, tithing is an established principle of giving away one tenth of what you have (such as income or produce).

In particular, the tithed amount goes towards God, his representatives or institutions.

Comb through Leviticus or Deuteronomy to see how, for example, the Levites (priests) were supported by tithes.

Also, the tithed amount was “first fruits”.

The 10 per cent was taken out first, as a fitting tribute to God. The tithe was not pulled together once every other bill or expenditure was covered.

While tithing is intimately linked with Moses handing down God’s law to his people, the first appearance of tithing in the Bible happened before that.

Check out Genesis 14:18-20 where Abraham’s interesting exchange with King Melchizedek has him give “a tenth of everything” to this mysterious ruler.

Should you tithe?

No and yes.

Followers of Jesus are not expected to live under the Old Testament law.

Jesus fulfilled it (Matthew 5) and liberated us from it (Galatians 3-4).

The New Testament does mention tithing in relation to Christian giving or supporting God’s work.

However, the principles of tithing certainly remain compelling.

What “seems to make the difference” with considering tithing is how it upholds giving your first and best to God.

“We say with our mouths that we are Christian but – as I say to my clients – are you willing to put your money in that?” Pete said.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Ben said.

Pete added: “I don’t think you are ruled out of heaven if you don’t tithe… [but] it is an element of us coming towards God and showing God how serious we are, by the face we are making that offering.”

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