Lifting the Lid on Being a Youtuber: A Chat With 'Hi Josh', Josh Hawkins [Audio] – Hope 103.2

Lifting the Lid on Being a Youtuber: A Chat With ‘Hi Josh’, Josh Hawkins [Audio]

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

Listen: Josh Hawkins chats to Sam and Duncan. Main photo: Hello Sweetheart, @hellosweetheartau

Have you ever wondered how a Youtuber makes their money, and if they can really afford to make videos all day? How does that work?

And what about the trolls and haters with their negative comments on your videos? Is that stressful?

Hope Breakfast’s Sam and Duncan had a catch-up with Sydney Youtube celebrity and comedian Josh Hawkins, better known as ‘Hi Josh’, famous for creating videos that make people laugh.

He took us behind the scenes, and shared what inspired him to start making silly videos!

Below: One of Josh’s most popular videos, Dad Copies His Baby’s Milk Drunk Faces, has now had 54 million views on Facebook.

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