Lifting the Lid on Acting: Penny McNamee Opens Up About Life as an Actor in Isolation [Audio] – Hope 103.2

Lifting the Lid on Acting: Penny McNamee Opens Up About Life as an Actor in Isolation [Audio]

By Duncan RobinsonMonday 27 Apr 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Home and Away star Penny McNamee

With the entertainment industry almost entirely shut down, Sam & Duncan caught up with long-time friend of the Breakfast show, actress Penny McNamee. You might know her better as Dr Tori from Home and Away.

Sam and Duncan chatted with Penny about what life is like for an actor in lockdown and how she’s keeping herself busy. As a mum of two, Penny has plenty to keep her occupied, but that hasn’t stopped her from launching a new podcast amidst the chaos of isolation.

The Glory and The Garbage features an actor, pastor and journalist exploring all of life’s madness and is available now on all podcast platforms.


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PODCAST LAUNCH DAY! I’m so excited to finally share with you a passion project I’ve been working on. WHAT IS IT: ‘The Glory and the Garbage’ is a new podcast, where each week we discuss, dissect and try to make sense of one of life’s BIG issues. WHO: A journalist, a pastor and an actor. Kimberley Soekov, Mark Leach and myself bring different perspectives, ideas and life-experience to the table. We laugh, we cry and we wade through the messiness of life… all the while trying to find the glory in it all and do life better! THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Can we have it all, and is it worth it? To listen, click the link in my bio or look up ‘The Glory and the Garbage’ in your podcast app! ???

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