"Mama Miami"...The Adventures of Emma Mullings, Pastor, Singer and Mum-of-4, in Miami, USA - Hope 103.2

“Mama Miami”…The Adventures of Emma Mullings, Pastor, Singer and Mum-of-4, in Miami, USA

Each week former Hope announcer Emma Mullings phones in from Miami, USA, to share the ups, downs, and adventures of starting life in a whole new culture.

By Hope 103.2Thursday 2 May 2019Hope MorningsGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

Packing up and moving house isn’t easy at the best of times. So imagine the challenges of moving to a whole new country – with four kids – and two of them still in nappies!

Former Hope announcer, recording artist and pastor Emma Mullings has done just that this year, relocating from Sydney to Miami, Florida in the south of the USA, with hubby Terrence and their fabulous four. There they’ll be planting a new church called C3 History Makers.

Each week on the Mornings show, Katrina Roe catches up with Emma across the timezones, to hear all about the ups, downs, and adventures of her new life in Miami.

To learn more about their work, head to c3historymakers.com.

Mullings Family at the Airport

Above: Emma and Terrence on departure day, with (L-R) Kingston, Jeremiah, Israelle & Hosanna.

Part 1 – Starting Out

In our first episode of Mama Miami, Emma Mullings chats about the challenges of setting up a new home, social security numbers and bank accounts, and the unique way that God provided a double pram just when Emma needed it.

Part 2 – Driving in Miami

Emma was shocked when she managed to secure her Florida driver’s license within weeks of arriving in Miami. It involved a lot of talking out loud, telling herself repeatedly to say “stay on the right”. She chats to Katrina about the speed and culture of driving on America’s big city roads, which is less polite than in Australia, and the sometimes unusual road rules.

Part 3 – Meeting the Neighbours

Missing her neighbours and the sense of community she knew in Sydney, Emma chats to Katrina Roe about getting to know her neighbours after her toddler’s dramatic injury, which included using a translation app to speak to the Spanish lady next door. Her message to Aussies? Don’t take the friendliness of Australia for granted!

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Part 4 – Starting School

The eldest two of Emma and Terrence’s four kids have started school in Miami, and are loving it. Emma chats about the challenges they’re facing learning new things such as non-metric measurements, and the most important bit: making new friends.

Part 5 – Multicultural Miami

Emma chats about multiculturalism in Miami, why it’s such a cultural melting-pot, and how you can’t get by in some parts of Miami unless you speak Spanish. She explains that although it’s a very diverse city, Miami isn’t not very friendly and inclusive: a culture she and her family want to see transformed. Emma also reveals what she’s missing the most about Sydney!

Part 6 – The Strange Little Differences

Emma chats to Katrina about the many little cultural differences she’s navigating after moving to Miami, USA – from the blank looks she gets when she tells people her phone number, to the unexpected places she is required to pay a tip: including the nail salon!

Part 7 – Five Things I Miss About Sydney

Emma shares the Top 5 things she misses about life in Australia (actually six if you’re really counting) – including proper fresh food, Chinese dumplings, Paywave, and – shockingly – drivers using their indicators on the road! She also explains why she is so grateful for her husband’s smile.