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You Want More? Why Hillsong’s Pastor Brian Houston Doesn’t Settle

By Laura BennettMonday 26 Feb 2018Hope Afternoons

Looking on at Hillsong Church with its Grammy-winning worship team, and an international congregation of over 100,000 people, it’s hard to imagine what ‘more’ could be ahead of this Sydney-born megachurch.

But founder and Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston is convinced the best is yet to come for all of us, mums and megapastors alike. It’s the theme of his new book, ‘There is More’.

In contrast to our consumerist culture, Houston says, “To me, ‘more’ isn’t talking about stuff and material goods – that’s actually the last thing on my mind. It’s really more of God, and more of God’s plan for your life.”

Watch: Laura Bennett chats with Pastor Brian Houston.

Moving to Australia 40 years ago with his wife Bobbie, Brian told Hope 103.2’s Laura Bennett that they could never have imagined what God would do with their passion to build the church, but believes it’s a true testimony that God can do “exceedingly abundantly” above what we ask for.

“I often ask people, ‘When you were 17 what was your dream? Were you allowed to dream?’… I remember very vividly as a kid sitting in church, dreaming about serving God one day and building the church. And you sit back there then, and that’s all it is – it’s a dream. You don’t really know deep down whether it could ever come to pass.

“When [Bobbie and I] came here we were just young kids, we had no idea. We, like everyone else, started humbly, we had nothing.”

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Feeling like you’re making progress can be tough though. Asked whether there’s more to realising your dream than just plotting a progress chart and drawing on a vision board, Houston says simple consistency and longevity make a great difference.

“Australia has a mentality particularly in the academic world that if you’re aspirational, it’s like there’s something wrong with that. But as a Christian I believe dreaming and aspiring is what we should do.”

“It’s not going to happen overnight,” he said. “I think a lot of people bail on their dream too early. Obviously there’s a world around and about us that don’t necessarily encourage us to dream… Australia has a mentality particularly in the academic world that if you’re aspirational it’s like there’s something wrong with that.

“As a Christian I believe dreaming and aspiring is what we should do. You’re on the earth for a purpose.”

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