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Is Virtual Reality Our Inevitable Future?

Digital expert Warren Linton weighs up Sony PlayStation 5's big announcement and what it means for virtual reality technology.

Listen: Warren Linton talks with Ben McEachen about virtual reality technology

By Ben McEachenTuesday 18 Jan 2022Hope AfternoonsCultureReading Time: 1 minute

Sony announced virtual reality elements to its upcoming PlayStation 5.

Big questions crop up around such gear being developed for immersing ourselves in a digital universe.

Is this the future for us all?

Are we all going to be living in virtual reality… for real?

Warren Linton is a former radio and 3G engineer who studied digital theology in the UK and is Operations Manager of ISCAST – a network of Christians in science and technology.

Basically, Warren is a digital dude.

Hope Afternoons asked him what the Sony announcement means and should be worried or fired up about the future of reality.

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Feature image: Martin Katler on Unsplash