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Hope Book Club, Ep 11: ‘The Rosie Result’, ‘Carrie’, and Our Favourite Roald Dahl Works

By Katrina RoeThursday 23 May 2019Hope Book Club

Listen: Katrina Roe and Natasha Moore in Hope Book Club, Episode 3

It’s the misfits episode! From quirky genetics professor Don Tilman to Stephen King’s teenage misfit Carrie, not to mention quirky authors themselves, this episode covers a few of literature’s odd-bods. 

Katrina Roe and Natasha Moore chat about:

  • The Rosie Result, by Graeme Simsion
  • Carrie, by Stephen King
  • On Writing, by Stephen King
  • And their favourite Roald Dahl books from childhood!

The Rosie Result is the third and final book in Graeme Simsion’s popular Rosie series, featuring Professor Don Tilman and Rosie Jarman.  Our two quirky leads have not only married, they’ve multiplied – and now face their biggest challenge. Their son, Hudson is having trouble at school, and his teachers want him assessed for autism. That means Don has to face up to some uncomfortable childhood memories of his own.

Stephen King’s Carrie is another book about a teenage misfit, but with a very different outcome.  The 1974 novel has spurned movies and even theatre productions, but now Natasha goes back to the book to discover a compelling story of teenage terror.

Katrina’s been devouring another Stephen King work, On Writing.  Part memoir, part instruction book, it’s a work to inspire creatives to get down to business.  (No more excuses!)

And, after Katrina enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the theatre, our two Roald Dahl fans try to single out their respective favourite Roald Dahl books from childhood. Turns out they also feature loveable misfits of one kind or another.

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